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“The Arizona Cardinals announced Thursday that former St. Louis Cardinals QB Jim Hart would be inducted into the team’s Ring of Honor this season. David Johnson is always smiling. The Cardinals running back was practically giddy on Saturday, though, when he announced the team’s fourth-round draft pick via a live television remote from Grand Canyon National Park.

Maybe that’s because Johnson is counting on Pittsburgh guard Dorian Johnson, the 115th overall selection, to open holes the size of the Grand Canyon once the two are on the football field together.

And that could happen sooner than you think. In Dorian Johnson, a mammoth blocker at 6-feet-5-inches and 300 pounds, the Cardinals believe they grabbed the best interior offensive lineman in the draft. Some scouts and draft services projected him as a low first-round to high second-round pick.

Johnson likely wouldn’t have fallen to the Cardinals if it weren’t for a recent medical re-check, which revealed a health condition related to his liver. Johnson’s liver is producing enzymes at a rate five times higher than normal, but he said he’s known about it for years and has been taking medication to keep it under control.

“It hasn’t affected me or my playing whatsoever,” he said. “But I guess a lot of teams saw it as a red flag and thought it would prohibit the way I would play. … I guess that just raised a lot of concern, but I’m completed healthy. No issues with it.To prove his point, Johnson said he couldn’t even tell you what the name of the liver condition is called, except for that “it’s like a really long word.”

Cardinals General Manager Steve Keim said he doesn’t foresee any issues with Johnson’s health because the team did its due diligence by discussing the player’s situation with numerous physicians and trainers both in Pittsburgh and in the Valley. Once they got the necessary information, they couldn’t wait to draft him.

“We really thought that there would be no chance that he’d be where we were picking in the fourth,” Keim said. “We were fortunate and very excited about him.”

Assuming everything checks out, Johnson is seen as a plug-in-and-play performer who could overtake Evan Boehm on the depth chart and start at right guard. If that happens, Boehm might end up moving back to his natural position and serve as backup center to A.Q. Shipley for at least another season.

Either way, it’s difficult not to see Johnson getting his shot quickly on the Cardinals’ offensive line, where he can help plow the road for David Johnson, one of the most dynamic offensive weapons in the NFL.”

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