Cheap Seahawks Tedric Thompson Jersey Stitches

cheap Tedric Thompson jersey on courtWe all know that the cheap Seahawks jerseys like the players they chose in the draft — otherwise, why did they draft them — but I don’t think that I personally took stock at the time of what Seattle’s 2017 class really means for the future of the team. That part of it didn’t really hit me until Pete Carroll’s comments on Thursday to Brock and Salk:

“This was a very strong draft in the DB section, so it just kind of happened that we had opportunities to get guys. We may put together one of the great backup groups you’ve ever seen and that may be what this is for the future, that would be a great thing that happens. But meanwhile, we’re going to allow these guys to compete to start, and that pushes Earl and it pushes Kam and it pushes Sherm and it pushes everybody out here, that’s how that goes, and they know that. This whole program is built on competition, and they expect that to happen. People don’t really like that, that’s just the way it is. We didn’t set out to try to redo the secondary for right now or for the future, we just had an opportunity to get some great players who can add to this team and make us more competitive.”

We all knew that the Seahawks were likely to add some secondary players early in this draft due to the injuries to DeShawn Shead and Earl Thomas jerseys cheap, among other things, but Carroll’s comments really pound home that the draft was not meant to just band-aid their deficiencies; these were players that they drafted not to be fill-ins and not to be backups, they were picked because the team thinks they’re great. As previously noted by John Schneider, they had first or second round grades on seven of these guys. The only expectations on any draft pick is that they’ll compete to be great.

I’m just a little shocked that I didn’t take more of a hold of the idea that the players taken in the middle of this draft weren’t just filling immediate needs or depth, but I think the reason I did that was because we knew Seattle needed a starting-capable corner and depth at safety.

However, these moves were not made for those reasons.

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