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“Born three weeks early, the baby measured 23-1/2 inches and weighed 10 pounds.

“”He came out like he’d been in a Gold’s Gym in the womb,”” Ramon Siragusa said of his son. “”He was huge.””

Still is. A guard and the Ravens’ fourth-round pick in last month’s NFL draft, Siragusa stands 6-feet-4 and weighs 318 pounds. He has hands that can palm a basketball, feet the size of hash marks and a smile as wide as a crossbar.

It’s a smile born of strife and sorrow. Siragusa’s older sister, Angel, who was born deaf, with hydrocephalus and a weakened immune system, died at age 13 — on her brother’s first birthday. His father, a diabetic, spent nine years on dialysis while waiting for a kidney transplant. Their trials taught Siragusa the tenets of life.

“”I didn’t get to see Angel, with her struggles, but I did watch my dad, and it helped me cement my values,”” he said. “”That’s why I’m always smiling, because you never know when life could be taken away from you.””That he’d be a Raven was a given. Growing up around San Diego, he and his family lived for awhile on Baltimore Drive. At San Diego State, teammates called him “”Goose,”” after Tony Siragusa, the former Raven lineman who may or may not be distant kin. And the day he was drafted, his parents told him that Angel’s favorite color had been purple.

“”That’s amazing,”” said Siragusa, who has an angel tattooed on his left forearm. “”She’s watched over me all my life. She’s my guardian Angel.””

A third-team AP All American, he was the 122nd player selected and the Ravens’ first pick on offense. A plowhorse up front, Siragusa is expected to punch holes for runners, as he did at San Diego State for Donnel Pumphrey, who led the nation in rushing (2,133 yards) last year. His low center of gravity (“”I have a really big butt””) helps him move mountains up front.Finally, as a junior, Siragusa received his mom’s blessing. But ever since, as soon as her son sets foot on the field, she rises from her seat and heads for the concession stands.

Mother’s intuition? That first season in high school, while racing out of the locker room at halftime, Siragusa burst through a banner being held by the cheerleaders … and pulled up lame. What he feared was a torn ACL proved only a sprain, but he took a lot of ribbing.

“”I told him, ‘You can block all of these 270-pound defensive linemen, but you can’t run through a cheerleaders’ banner?'”” Joyner said. “”From then on, every week, Nico would jog around that banner.””

From day one, the coach said, Siragusa was “”a difference-maker. Of course, we had to order special pants for him, and $20 cleats. But once he was out there, you knew he was special.””

Two years later, Mater Dei improved from 1-9 to 9-3 and college coaches streamed in to meet the all-state guard. Siragusa greeted them with open arms. Literally.

“”Most kids are intimidated to meet coaches from UCLA and up and down the Pac-12, but he’d give them all bear hugs, smile and ask all kinds of questions for, like, 30 minutes,”” Joyner said. “”He’s so upbeat and outgoing, and it’s all genuine. Nico’s not putting on a show.””

He chose San Diego State, to stay close to home. There, he started 41 consecutive games for the Aztecs and never missed a practice — a constancy coveted by the pros.”

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