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“I think any time you can get speed, you want to get it. Guys that have shown that they, in their collegiate careers, can get the ball in the end zone, that’s obviously a huge plus. Both of these guys have shown that they can do that, and they have some flexibility and a lot of talent. I think the other thing is when you watch the tape (you see) they are both very instinctive players.
Anytime you get guys that are talented and have speed and are instinctive and good guys with the ball in their hands and make people miss and find ways to make yards and get the ball in the end zone, that’s going to help your quarterback. We’ve got guys in place now. We’re just going to add these guys and hopefully that’ll make us more dangerous.
You’ve heard that all offseason. The idea is you find what you think are good, quality football players that have speed because we all know how important speed is. You can’t coach speed. These guys have really good instincts and that’s going to help any quarterback.
You always want all your guys out here to try to create that continuity, and you’ve got to start over each and every year. When he gets back he’s going to pick things up – not scheme-wise, but just to get the rhythm back with the guys that have been here and with the new guys.
Yeah, both he and Curtis (Samuel). When those guys first come in, it kind of confirms what you see. Those two guys – as well as our other draft picks – have a lot of people excited here in Charlotte, starting with the coaches. Now it’s up to them, as well as us and the rest of the guys on our football team offensively speaking, to bring this thing together and get better each day and get ourselves ready for the opener.”

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