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“White had already set a positive example being named valedictorian at Green Oaks high school, in his Shreveport, Louisiana neighborhood, an area where the dropout rate is greater than 60 percent.

“If you graduated from high school in my neighborhood it was like having a college degree. There’s a slim chance of that,” said White. “There were 400 people in my freshman class and when I graduated we had maybe 80. That just tells you people take the wrong road and there’s a high chance that people take the wrong road where I’m from. I just wanted to be different.”

After accepting his scholarship offer to LSU his plan was to play for three years and then head to the NFL.

But after his junior year he felt there was some unfinished business both on the field and in the classroom. White’s mother, LaShawnita Ruffins, only told her second-oldest son that she and his father would back whatever choice he made.

“(His father) David (White) and I told him it was his decision,” she said. “You do it for you. You’re the one out there playing football. You’re the one that’s going to reap the harvest of it all. We’re here to support you, but it’s your decision.”

Knowing her son like she does however, there was no doubt in her mind Tre’Davious was going back to school for his senior year.

“He’s very mature. He sets a high bar,” Ruffins told “He has that old man’s soul. He gets it from his grand daddy. He’s not into the fashion thing. He’s about living and making sure his family is straight. He doesn’t care about all the fancy jewelry and cars. He wants to make sure he can be there to help when he’s called upon. I wasn’t worried about his maturity, but LSU played a great role and put him in the right position.””

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